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on December 1, 1912, and found a pyloric ulcer evidently of long standing,
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An hyperemia so jjroduced naturally is most marked or longest
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Stokes and adopted by Wilson Fox among others. They pointed
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teeth apparently began at a time when cereals and sugar were regularly
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and the eruption was accompanied by increased restlessness, un-
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urine output usually dropped faster than water intake; nitrogen
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Every means in my power was made use of to make her as
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The sodium content is within normal limits. The potassium is some-
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of five days, during which no urobilin could be detected. And
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ions on the nerve, and the recovery is effected by removing them with
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daily amount of drink taken was between 5 and 6 litres. It was found
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or knowledge of the task before them. With their unbridled fancy
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mild character, did not produce any unfavourable effect upon the pre-existing
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The various theories as to the origin of the condition are then discussed
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bility and graflual loss of strength was noted six months before
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This is a long and complicated paper dealing with the agglutinating
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{Przeglad lekarski, 1912, No. 52), and these reports have been almost
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spleen, in only two of which the organ was of normal size, the rest
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followed, possibly due to the increase in protein katabolism, which was
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various substances as sources of fat soluble vitamine and their content of
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stool extracts a pink color was produced which apparently showed
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temperature. Thus, the rate of sedimentation was not only increased by
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removed to the right and with maximum intensity in the region of
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sixth day the patient was afebrile; takes notice of playthings;
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been carried out by comparatively few investigators. Gerhardt
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attenuation in the body of the turtle — an attenuation which rendered it
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not a serious thing, and probably Fagge was right when he wrote^
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tenable. In a normal labour, as soon as the child has been expelled, the
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tioned in the anamnesis of these patients. Since the vast majority
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to a convenient bulk and the amount of urobilin estimated
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dividing wall, higher nitrous acid values were consistently obtained for the
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From what has been said, it becomes clear that Marie, Roussy, and
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the cases of pernicious anemia we have cited and others, such as
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is no tendinous support such as that given by the triceps below or the sub-
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exception, not the rule, nor does a severe dropsy among patients
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transmission is ignored, and infection of the foetus is assumed to be always
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