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as well as from a therapeutic standpoint, are wanting. The stimulat-

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trogenous wastes of the system. The cure generally con-

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meetings on three consecutive days, at the same time doing a cer-

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chronic diseases, while the former is regarded by the author as equally

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positions are not so opposite to each other as one might think

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by the United States Government experts, only one sample

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Differential Diagnosis. — This is difiicult in the absence of an

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lishment, where all the various methods of applying water can be

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While preparing for this year's meeting it soon became evident

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ular to eat before breakfast as a peristaltic persuader, and is

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to-day not much more exact in our diagnoses than were

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months. Those treated with the filtered liquids of the cul-

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to the lai-ger hospitals for the '" essential ex]ierience in different

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of this disease from blood-serum. It remained, however, for Widal and

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well-known rhinologist. Pale, emaciated, despondent, the picture of woe and

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the lowest (50°) is well borne, the pressure may be increased two

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peculiar diathesis. These nitrogenous foods, comprising

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tain secretory products, since morphin dries these and favors their

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and practical regulations. Matters should be so arranged that

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cutaneous vessels, which rapidly dilate and soon form a soothing poul-

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long under the dominion of the laissez faire policy, to adopt the heroic

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Clinical History. — The average period of incubation is fourteen

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anti-^Iacphail crowd are interested in four medical journals, whose

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My observation agrees with that of Strumpell, that the disturb-

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correct appreciation of its mode of action enables the physician so to

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geau, the Easter, the Bartlett, the Winter Nelis, the Anjou,

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cubic centimetres of a ten per cent, solution of caustic soda,