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after thirteen jears in his new position was compelled to resign on
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birth to three children after the removal of the left kidney.
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Although not much more than half as old as the New Y^ork
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of patients under his care in tli<^ nervous wards and Insane Depart-
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Charles K. Mills, L. D. Judd and E. M. Girvin. The protest was
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board of health would meet the requirements indicated in the
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then made application to the various institutions in Philadelphia in
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patella, which was practically a part of the quadriceps tendon,
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session of 1847-8, they had an attendance of sixty-nine students,
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percentage of deaths reported, would it not be well to give a
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Psoas Abscess, by Dr. D. A. Stanton (discussion by Dr. J. McKee and
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construct the little hoemostatic device pictured below, which is a modi-
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throw new light on the structure of the blood-corpuscles. Making a
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Nerve Corpuscles in Man. — Adarakiewicz (Fortschritte dcr Medicin,
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tions to every man and woman in the United States is a piece
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In 1854 the library was removed, and the college changed its
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dent of the board, and Dr. James V. Ingham. The latter has, for
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figured. To this result I do not think we have yet arrived,
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from infection from chronic gonorrhoea (? A). In the secre-
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scientific methods of to-day. Dr. Jackson was of an ardent, enthu-
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dogmatize on this or that, formulating a pathology to answer
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new college building on Twenty-first street, gave great impetus to
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as soon as osseous union has occurred — is equally apart
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of typical laparo-myoraotomy are taken into account.
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Samuel W. Gross, M. D., LL. D., was the eldest son of the
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Mercy for Men, at 411 Spruce street and the Women's Home for
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the people maintained an indifference which can only be explained
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B. Nancrede, M. D., Emeritus Professor of General and Orthopaedic
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ates' Club in 1887. We measured the arms of 449 men
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vated and practiced by the same men who studied and prac-
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vations stated that no pulse could be felt at all, the excitation havmg
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a firm, sodden feeling replaced the normal pulmonary elas-
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hours of the time of introduction. A fsecal fistula might result
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were filled by the election of Drs, K. A. F. Penrose, wlio is still liv-
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each other so closely that a description of one may serve.
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writer's name and address, not necessarily for publication. No at-
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to say I have them both made mild — no stronger than the
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