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of the urine, and the tenesmus. The irritating quality of the
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the internal uialleolus. In correcting the adduction of the fore-
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Dr. Satke thought the suggestion for dividing the opera-
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safer in low forms of fevers to relieve excess of bent by increas-
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the operating table. The bladder might be opened in an effort
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very frequent exciting cause of insanity, but it is an impor-
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of hospitals; Dr. Samuel Preston Moore was provincial treasurer;
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of flat-foot, or to give due credit to special treatment in
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Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine; New York
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istry and Technology) ; Boston Society for Medical Improvement ;
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her condition in this short time was truly remarkable.
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day) ; New York Academy of Medicine ; Metropolitan Medical
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covered in on both sides by skin and muscular tissue, which
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be ascertained whether or not the patient was snftering from
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case, the Bartley Peak case, the Johnston case and the Elwood
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made surgeon. He remained with his regiment until the defeat of
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affected, but not augmented by pressure ; an occasional
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while in 1893 another beautiful hospital wing was finished, the
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this method between a solid tumor and a cyst. The method
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for an extension of one month on surgeon's certificate of disability.
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The second volume of the Physician's Directory of the United
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only rabbits immune against anthrax, but also mice and
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Horatio C. Wood, M. D., LL. D., Clinical Professor of Nervous Dis-
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of the kidney, as in wounds of that organ, and nephropexy is
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Duties of MeJieal Officers of the United States Marine-Hospital Sa-niee
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jugate being made out by me as three inches and five eighths
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should be abandoned and suprapubic aspiration of the bladder
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Philadeli>hia IMiysicians Aceoidir.u' t<i tlie Directory of 178.") !»(j
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When chorea, epilepsy, and insanity were all classed