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Nursing Implications Of Cefadroxil

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DePree, John Nelson Warren, a, w, sp, Sioux Center, Iowa. A.B. (Hope C.) '30.

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generically or hereditarily. "We therefore see the disease most frequently in

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53;4. Prevention and Control of C oCTwnlcable diseases of Anlials. amtrol measures will

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services only. Thus there are two qualifications, medical and surgi<^,

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the basis of a congenital predisposition. This constitution is manifest in the

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cular exertion, with the diet remaining the same, does not reduce the amount

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Foreign Students. — ^Foreign doctors or students can obtain of the

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is tenable for two years, and is "open to competition among Bachelors

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tectperatyre of about 150' F, If «hole milk or milk containing butterfat is used It

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other instructional nateriais agencies. Hhe ^rpc^ of

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the examiners receives a certificate of proficiency, and the following

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public examinations will be held in each class, and a prize of £3 3s. will be

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complicated paralytic conditions (hemiplegia, paraplegia, muscular atrophy,

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Griffith Francis Dorsett Evans, M.D. Edin., 4:S, Addison-

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also observe other more complicated aphasic disturbances, such as paraphasia,

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Lastly, one more remark, which in my opinion is not unimportant. Since,

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Charles Hayes Higgins, M.D. St. Andrew's, Claughton,

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practice, the lectures, and the library on paying £12 10s. Students

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What disturbances occur if the centers themselves are not destroyed, but

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producer » orocessor, and consmner In the essentials of a safe milk supply; and an,

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(1) Natural Philosophy, Mechanical Division, (2) Natural Philo-

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11. Difficulty in articulation implies disease of the medulla, as does also

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impaired in tabes, since it depends on a stimulation of the intramuscular

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Many cases of so-called pavor nocturnus are certainly epilepsy, although it is

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be confused with tabes. These also cause, under some circumstances, lancinat-

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insisted upon the intimate relationship between the two diseases. It was for-

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in the legs or the sacrum. There is rarely any impairment of sensation. The

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eases whose anatomical basis is a primary degeneration of a number of systems

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rigid, tortuous arteries, the deafness, the bent form, the tremor, and the slow

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Electricity may perhaps be regarded as the most promising means to employ.

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The question may be asked, What object is to be gained by seeking

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detect the evidence of disease, or the efiEects of accidents ; the employ-

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