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cise may cause sudden death. Again, when the above conditions have
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antiseptic solution, with which the cavity must be flooded, to get into
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is easy to discover that the patient resists efforts at motion.
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(Ilertz.) It occurs oftenest in males (three to one), and after the twenty-
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'HxQ prognosis depends on the cause : if due to diet, a cure can be easily
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pulse-rate, temperature, cough, and dyspncea all imperceptibly diminish-
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oedematous condition of the lung, for nraemic dyspnoea may occur inde-
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should be allowed to remain longer, until there is no danger of the
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Morbid Anatomy.— The anatomical changes in cardiac hypertrophy vary
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theee facts, the diarrhoea should be arrested or held in check. For the
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account for these hemorrhages. These extravasations more frequently oc-
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position of the tumor, which is absent in cancer. There is a change in the
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may form a continuous layer over the visceral or parietal portion of the
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Age is an important element of prognosis. The period of greatest mor-
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will become bony, especially if the fracture occurs in a young person.
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be passed from without in. Collateral circulation is established by
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a change which closely resembles amyloid degeneration ; they will be filled
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state inflammations are set up and a condition of the tissues suitable
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diarrhoea, and, if death occur, at the post-mortem examination lesions
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been given for the management of acute hepatic hypertemia. Local blood-
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will be followed l)y ii cicatrix and l)ittiIl;.^ After the pustule is formed
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lent suture material. It was formerly believed that silk could not be
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The mouth and fauces are dry, congested, and covered with thick,
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develoi)ed,and the inilamniaiion of the mucous surface of the bladder may
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wards in Bellevue Hospital with a fever differing from typhus fever by the
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As the cardiac dilatation reaches a point at which there is constant car-
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with the profuseness of the hemorrhage. If the quantity of blood ex])ec-
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headache, and pain in the back and limbs. As a rule the chill is not of so
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No one of these theories, nor any of the many others which at different
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there are fine crackling sounds, accompanied by an entire loss of, or an
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rapid increase of the effusion the pain in the side subsides. However ill-
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discharges are of a light clay color and contain no bile. The urine is of a
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extremities are sometimes present in severe cases. General convulsions are
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