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Robson, Jessop, Atkinson, Keyes, Southam, and MouUin;
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that. The evidence suggested is admissible, with reference to the
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London that the examination would lose all title to be called
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then injected into the peritoneal cavity of guinea-pigs under
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small. Local applications of 10 per cent, solutions of cocaine
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clusion is not based on the Reports of the Registrar-General,
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mospheric pressure, wind force, and atmospheric electricity.
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W. Page, London ; Mr. O. H. W. Parkinson, Winiborne ; Mr. G. T.
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R. Humphreys : Two Cases of Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
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Speeches by Mr. Chamberlain, M.P., and by Mr. Ernest Hart.
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of a preliminary communication. In the meantime I shall
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Professor of Medical Jurisprucence and Toxicology in Owens College
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