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Orographic Clouds Explained

When these two affections are combined, it is accidental ; bronchitis, as
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a century, during this period wood-naphtha, cod-liver oil, phosphate of
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to afford support and allow movement without injury from friction.
women and old persons enfeebled by age and infirmities.
natural course of the affection. Finally, whooping-cough appears to de-
attendance with him. Before the limbs had descended as low
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rities, especially in this city. A highly interesting paper on
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practicing physician. — Medical and Surgical Reporter.
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of Dr. Riley of that place. About the year 1840, he came to
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searches, ascertained this law, viz., whenever a tuberculous affection occurs
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sence of this deposit alters, for the time being, the physical condition of
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rience of others ; though the impulse of his own mind prevented
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of cases. A history thus obtained must be imperfect from the obvious
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rence. According to the statistical resources of Benjamin Phillips, it is
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of action precedes and follows the intermissions. Of these the patient is
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Dropsies seated in serous cavities may perhaps involve something more
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Containing sufficient Tablets of each kind to last from one to three months according to the condition of the patient
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Henrt Hartbhobne, M. D., was duly admitted a Fellow.
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tion have risen from about 600 to 950 — the percentage of deaths
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cheek, difficulty of respiration in the recumbent posture, a short
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death, the lungs were free from adhesions, but crammed with small, hard
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Suffice it to say here that the presence or absence of the exudation of
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jugglers, or inadvertently. Prof. Gross, in his comprehensive work on
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happy hit, and it bids fair to become at once a catch phrase and the
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the angular or polygonal cells are visible in their interstices ;
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87,400 in the civil, and 68,000 in the military hospitals, making to-
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enjoyed almost uninterrupted health, and was a remarkably
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Dr. Meigs expressed his desire that the Fellows should, in the