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Questions relating to consanguinity and scrofulosis have

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Anatomy Avas created in 1891-2, and Dr. Longstreth elected to it,

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Tinnitus was present. The history of the patient, deafness fol-

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patients had very commonly indulged inordinately in sweets or

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very much upon the form of disease for which the operation

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schools, probably brouglit the number of students up to the neigh-

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lary tubercular infection. Tuberculosis itself is rarely an

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(j) The Academy of Medicine was not the old society of Rush's foundation. It

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belongs the credit of having first detected the identity of "trich-

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made the care of the physicians and to be by some of them ex-

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a view of obtaining information concerning tlie pathology, diag-

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eight children. Several of her confinements had been fol-

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etc., in tile most ])r<»fus«' and extravagant manner for private pur-

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upon the whole medical educational system of America the essen-

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days ; afterward this was increased to a twenty-fifth of a grain every

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probable that the cause of diabetes was to be sought for in the

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up his situation. As long as he can remember, the feet were

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age and was a Philadelphian. Dr. Henry H. Smith was born in

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cavity of the joint." On the contrary, I have often found

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European cities. Then the Hospital of the P. E. Church, St

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ternity. All these points were of the utmost importance and

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gocytes acquired increased power of annihilating the in-

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of the process may usually be obtained. The worst form of specific

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fossa. This could be rolled over to the left inguinal region

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scholarly, refined and sensitive nature. Dr. William P. Dewees, a

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wedge-shaped instrument devised by Dr. L. W. Hubbard, and

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state and one at Beverly, New Jersey. Outside of Philadelphia

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Sea Surveying and Exploring Expedition sent out by the Covern-

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examination in higher arithmetic ; d, an examination in elementary

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a popular tonic with a number of practitioners of this city.

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?nd bladder as far as the recto-vesical fold with the finger or a blunt

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succeeded Dr. Bache in 180o as librarian, the latter having entered