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No cattle from said registration districts shall be moved or allowed to move, except as

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the act of March 3, 1891, as amended by the act of March 2, 1895.

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showed a hsrpertrophy and dilatation c<mfined almost entirely to the right

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and Taylor, and east of the 100th meridian of longitude west of Greenwich, except the


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after the sympathetic nerves to the part have heen allowed to underi;"

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nutrients as actually determined in the ordinary manner :

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A full discussion of the lesions of the eleven carcasses above described was also had,

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areas of Texas and Oklahoma 125,225 head of cattle which were

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association with the above fibrosis, or in an otherwise normal pancreas,

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¬ęThe reference figures refer to bibUography at end of article.

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which the hepatic vessels and nerves are embedded. The chamber into

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parts were washed. The usual method of cleaning was to apply washing soda and hot,

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or the District of Columbia: Provided, however. That if carcasses of such cattle, sheep,

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vessels has I. ecu i'ei.i..\e.l li>- .leca pitat ii.n. The risi' in ai'lcrial IiI.k.'I

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Leod. Kansas City; G. J. Tygett, Cape Girardeau; S. L. Free-

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that the small amount of fiuid necessary for analysis did not materially

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almost completely paralyzed, though some slight motion of the left

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mouth wide open, breathing slowly, with periods of apnoea. She shunned

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"f paeh of the parts wliieli enter into tiie foiniation "f tlie i-eflex nrp.

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III. A Review of the Pathology of Superficial Bums. By Charles Bussbll

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grounds for belief that any such contagious or infectious disease has broken out in this

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them because he has to. Nothing responds to feed like a colt, and,

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The number of establishments at Chicago at which Federal post-mortem inspection U

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that the pancreas forms only one link in the chain that controls carbo-

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fatrfree A. V. fibers were easily followed for long distances among the

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cattle, some of the results of which are described below. Practically

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cells readily undergoes obscure postrmortem changes that make its

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trigonum there is a fistula, less than 1 cm. in diameter and with black

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any doubt exists ai? to whether the condition is local or general, the

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possible, corrected them. In some cases I have found the given ref-

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only does the uterus fail to develop properly, hut the external ehanires

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If the analysis of the outbreak of poliomyelitis in the X House indi-

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ophthalmologists. The feasibility of competent men be-

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