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Tweedie's own." If this be the opinion of an unbiassed
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sodium and fat content (fat content being almost 5 1
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College ; and whereas the Council is authorized by Statute to pass by-laws for this purpose.
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the magicians recommended the use of cat's dung, tied in an
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omical students I may say all my life, that it is impossible to do justice to your practical anatomy
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bronchoscopy and culture of bacteria from the lower respiratory tract.
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We shall notice one other operation of still more modern date, being the
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it is enacted that said certificate shall specifically state that such attendance extended over
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and we ask for our Institution no prouder distinction than that her graduates
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disorders, both physical and mental, were thought to arise from
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Theory and Practice of Medicine. Could one of the worthies of our profes-
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and left a child behind him." If I was asked to suggest an improvement of
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PRECAUTIONS: General: Severe hypotensive response, particularly with upright posture, may
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by experienced men, and over which the dissector is examined carefully, month after month,,
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Brown, .'Vlfred, Esq., appointed Consulting Surgeon to the Wands-
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deaths that occur in a district, may be accurately and uniformly given in the
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1. H. L. Collins, re final Examination : Must comply with regulations.
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became large centers where men flocked to receive health through