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some change in the fluid which has previously occupied the cavity, or, \)or-


but in hydrocephalus the projectile vomiting, the slowed pulse, the fever


fatti/ liver, the diagnosis of which is considered in the history of that


dangerous symptoms may suddenly arise without any assignable cause.

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undergo active physical exertion for any length of time, without complete

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veins secured. The sterno-hyoid and sterno-thyroid muscles should be

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bandage or an elastic tourniquet is often very valuable where it is at

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tween the divided ends becomes filled with blood. After several days

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Inspection reveals a small thorax ; the lower ribs are approximated, gir-

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vation. In chronic glossitis patients sometimes complain of a dull aching

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there is not too much obstruction to the return circulation, swell-

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of the liver, heart, lungs or kidneys ; while in gastric ulcer there is

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Pneumothorax.— In case of puncture of the lung from fractured ribs,


analogy, but all the well-established i^rinciples of pathology as well as clin-

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absent in cirrhosis. Ascites is never an attendant of fatty liver.

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ing will be defective and the patient may complain of tinnitus aurium.

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obstruction to the outflow of the bile are among the rarest 2)ost-7?iortem

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teritis." When situated in the colon, it has been called "inflammatory

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stools. Tympanites is present, while there is dullness along the sides

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oculation. If some of the watery material or serum that can be obtained

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cord-like, persistent, long, or slow. The most constant and characteristic

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lung, liver, spleen, kidney, and brain. The abscesses occurring in the

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quency, and on this account it may readily be distinguished from pneu-

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monary and other complications. All that is necessary is to place the

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the scorpion produces much severer symptoms. Very often there is

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of small points of local infection, helps to differentiate between the two dis-

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their free edges become approximated to the cardiac walls, so that exten-

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employed rather for their primary antiseptic action wpon the intestinal

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or disinfected, and each member of the community should be i)laced under

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As a rule it is not generated above an elevation of one thousand feet above

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perature, with regular morning and evening variations, each evening tem-

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The inflammation may terminate in resolution, vesication, abscess, or

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constant demand upon the schools for pupils to go out to private nursing. The

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daily with an antiseptic solution. Where this fails, the bone may be tre-

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up into threads, and be expectorated as such, or it may undergo a gran-

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tive chemotaxis). It is also believed that they are repelled by other

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causing it to bring about death much more quickly. Palliative measures

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form temperature is essential ; the temperature of the apartment should

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removed at the time of treatment. Many cases may be cured without